Friday, 30 July 2010

First Post

Allow me to first of all say, "Hello!"

My name is James York and I am currently employed as a full-time lecturer at Tokyo Denki University (TDU). I am based at the Hatoyama campus in Saitama. You can learn more about this campus here. I have been teaching English in Japan for close to five years. For the first four years I was based at a primary school in Moriya, Ibaraki. I really enjoyed this job and learnt a lot about how to teach English. During those four years, I obtained an MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL, where my primary research interests were adapting task-based learning into young learner contexts and student motivation.

Having made the transition from teaching at a primary school to teaching at a university, I am still getting used to working here and refining my areas of interest at this level.

The purpose of this blog is to introduce the syllabus to all my students. It's other purpose is to provide helpful tips on learning English, based on my own study habits whilst learning Japanese.

I hope this blog becomes a useful tool and source of inspiration for my students.