Friday, 3 August 2012

Mining English: Student Journal Example (Verbatim)

July 9th

-----Minecraft World-----
We were in the small island.
Today, We were going to built our house in here.

Before we started, I had explored around the island to find a nice place for our house.
Finally, I found a really nice plain, it's next to a mountain, many animals live in there.
It would be an useful farm.

We suggested each ideas to design our house.
Finally, we decided as follows.
*The house is a two story house. The range of each floor is 16*16*8(actually, I don't remember each numbers clearly...).
*Use wooden planks to construct the standard of our house.
*Make a double door.
*Set windows on each walls.
*Place torches on each floor.

We started building our house.
I put wooden planks on the plain to make the floorboard.
It was hard work to correct stuffs.

Finally, We finished building the first floor.
Next week, We will built the second floor and fight monsters.
I'm looking forward to do it.

July 16th

We continued building our house.
We didn't have much time, so we had to do it as soon as possible.

click... click... click......
We had spend a lot of wooden planks quickly.
Finally, We had done it!
As I wrote, the range of our house is 16*16*(8+8). Our house looks like a big square.
However, it may save us from monster's attack.

Then, monsters had appeared.
Zombies... Skeletons... Creepers...
I know how to beat animals, but I didn't know how to kill monsters.
We swung swords to kill monsters.
Some players was died, and revived.
Suddenly a creeper exploded, Sadly our house was broken.

After we repaired our house, we explored the cave.
I paired with York to find the diamond.
Everyone were digging the cave.
We found a lot of golds, however we couldn't find a diamond...
It was a grateful challenge.

July 30th 

We were going to play HungerGame.
We learned what it is.
We made each idea, how to alive from HungerGame.
I choosed 3 stuffs to alive.

I may use the shovel to dig and hide something, and fight and protect myself.
To fill water, I'll use the flask.
Lighter can burn foods and make me keep warm.

Unfortunately, we couldn't play HungerGame on Minecraft.
So we enjoyed Nether world.
We fought with pig zombies first.
Suddenly, Ghast appeared and attacked us, it caused us confuse!
I shot Ghast an allow, and Ghast died.
Nether is mysterious and horrible...

After we enjoyed Nether, we walled around the minecraft world...

We had enjoyed Minecraft a lot.


What is FPS?
What is virtual world?
What is Minecraft?

In Minecraft,
we can do any choice just we want,
we can choose our way by myself.
The WORLD has been created by amazing originality.
Dream inside the virtual world, This is what I see on the Minecraft world.