Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Multiplayer Classroom

Long time no post. (sorry)

I had a nice long summer but am back to work now. Over the summer I started following news on the current(?) hype fuelled 'gamification'.

As part of my reaserch on this phenomenon, I found an interesting book by Lee Sheldon who seemed to have applied RPG-like game mechanics to his classroom. I was intruiged and decided to see if I could do something similar in my own context.

What I have come up with so far is a new way to evaluate my students over the course of this semester based much more on autonomous learning and the amount of effort they put into each lesson. There is also a large focus on teamwork and working as a group. Although the majority of detail regarding this whole project resides in Evernote notes, I am slowly piecing it together online as a reference to my students, but also to any that may be interested.

Here is a link to the presentation I gave my students at the start of this semester.

And here is a link to the wikispaces page outlining the project in more detail (work in progress).