Thursday, 30 September 2010

[Project 2] Create a presentation

Hi everybody,
Your next project will be to create a short presentation on your hobby or your favourite thing.
In next week's class we will learn how to use "Google Docs" to create a simple presentation like the one I made below.

Please think of what your presentation will be about.
Some things you could make a presentation on include:

  1. Music
  2. Computer games
  3. Movies
  4. Sport

Friday, 24 September 2010

Summer Vacation project (Part 2)

Good evening all.

I see that some of you have completed your homework already, which is excellent!

I know that you have sent me a link to your voicethread page, but there has been a problem.

When you share a link with me, you need to check the buttons so that it looks like this:

[gallery link="file"]

Once you have done that, I can see your voicethread.

Lets check once more:

  1. Click the "share" button.

  2. Click the "Get a link" button.

  3. Click the four checkboxes so they have a check in them.

  4. Click the "Copy the Link" button.

  5. Share the link with me as a comment.

If you have completed this, you have finished your homework!

Thank you, and if you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

Auto Draft

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Studying vocabulary -

Another new feature that I am introducing this month is for studying vocabulary. You can learn more about this excellent resource here:

The tour of the site is available in both English and Japanese. You can select the language by pressing the button in the top right corner.

It is very important that we study new vocabulary at least once a week. Studying vocabulary will also count towards your final grade this term. There will be mini-tests based on the goals that I create on the website.


  1. You will need to register on the website (CLICK HERE)

  2. You can see the goals I made for both first and second grade students here. Please follow me, and choose to complete the correct goal:



If you have any problems, please leave me a comment on this blog post

Monday, 13 September 2010

First Project - Summer Vacation pictures

Hi all!

The first project that I want you to complete this semester is to tell me about your summer vacation. I'm sure you all had a good time over the summer, but I would like you to tell me something that was particularly memorable. As an example of my own summer holiday, please look here:

The project will be worth 10 points of your overall score for this semester. This weeks lesson will be worth 3 points.


  • We are going to think about our summer holiday and what we enjoyed the most. Here are some questions to focus on:

Where did you go?
Who with?
What did you do?
What was the best thing about your vacation?

  • Talk to classmates about their summer vacation using the same questions as above:

Where did you go?
Who with?
What did you do?
What was the best thing about your vacation?

  • Each time you have spoken to someone about your summer vacation, there will be a 2 minute break for you to think about and improve your story.

  • Once you've spoken to three people, I want you to tell the members of your group about the best story you heard.

  • Finally, I want you as a group to decide the best story to tell to the rest of the class.


  1. I want you to all create a voicethread account. (CLICK HERE) (1 point)

  2. Upload a picture from your summer holiday. (1 point) If you do not have a picture, you can use a picture from the internet.

  3. Give the picture a title (1 point)

  4. Prepare a comment for your picture (HINT: you can use the story that you made today as the comment).

Projects this semester

Hello everyone. The new term starts on Wednesday. I hope you are all ready to go back. I know I am! The summer holiday was long, and I got a lot of research/work done, but I miss you all so much!! I also really like to have structure in my life (which there was a lack of over summer). This term I have a lot of new ideas, whether I will be allowed to do all of them... I'm not so sure. The main thing is that I want to use this blog to introduce you to each project, and again, use this blog to provide help etc. I know that all of you use the internet, and I believe it is very important to introduce technology into lessons as much as possible. So you will be set projects using things such as YouTube and Twitter. Projects will likely span over 3 weeks each. The weeks will work as follows:

  1. Introduction to the project (via this blog).

  2. Working on the project in class.

  3. Presenting the project.