Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Mining English Online!!

Just a heads up post really, as most of my time is spent on the server, but I'd like to inform you all of my latest project:

Mining English Online!


Me and the founder of Red Ranger Hosting: Steve Brewer have been working hard on setting up a server designed with intercultural computer-mediated communication (what I'm calling IC2MC) in mind. It is still fairly beta and we are learning as we go along, but the community is slowly coming together.

The Plan

At the moment, the plan for me is to give my students a communication activity to do in their classes each week and an additional activity to complete in their free time as homework.

How you can help

We (obviously) want as many people as possible to play, and hopefully with a mix of native and non-native players.

How to join

Go to the link above and register your interest in the "introductions" forum (link), log into the server (address: and get promoted to EngSpeaker or Student straight away!


Reply here, the forums, get me on Facebook or Twitter!!

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