Monday, 13 September 2010

Projects this semester

Hello everyone. The new term starts on Wednesday. I hope you are all ready to go back. I know I am! The summer holiday was long, and I got a lot of research/work done, but I miss you all so much!! I also really like to have structure in my life (which there was a lack of over summer). This term I have a lot of new ideas, whether I will be allowed to do all of them... I'm not so sure. The main thing is that I want to use this blog to introduce you to each project, and again, use this blog to provide help etc. I know that all of you use the internet, and I believe it is very important to introduce technology into lessons as much as possible. So you will be set projects using things such as YouTube and Twitter. Projects will likely span over 3 weeks each. The weeks will work as follows:

  1. Introduction to the project (via this blog).

  2. Working on the project in class.

  3. Presenting the project.

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